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Bamako Mortgage Lectures:

Verses of Enlightenment:

The Bamako Mortgage Conference was crowned by the jewels that are dignified and have knowledge which is mastodonic. Being triumphant in their respective fields, the words of these colossal speakers will surely stir you up beyond thoughts and ensure that you understand what they want to convey.

David Florenzo (Homogeneous Information): Speaks about the discrepancies in the level of information between the companies and the targeted customers. This happens due to the intermediate agents and brokers who stay ill informed and convey incorrect information to the customers causing harm to the company image.

Jacaranda Iglasis (Building grave for brokers): Stressing on the need for highly trained professional agents of the companies, she eliminates the need of profit making brokers dedicated to harming the customers and the company image.

Peregrin White (Mutual co-existence): Stresses on the market penetration to the micro economic level and conduct surveys about the customer needs. He stresses on the need of a mother surveying body, which works for all the companies. Results of the survey are to be circulated to all the companies and thereby minimizing cost and time.

Serenade Williams (Demography): Explains the importance of demography in deciding the nature of to be designed products.

Lewin Walker (Case Study): Stresses on the need of circulating the results of case studies within different companies to avoid exigency and huge loss.

Bryer Thompson (Charges): Speaks about the need of more or less similar charges for the same types of products and services.

Brittain Bailey (Marketing media): Peaceful and legitimate use of media marketing to avoid corporate warfare.

Jonzelle Taylor (Information accessibility): Advocates that every company need to support the other by giving out information about the other companies (ensuring data security)

Ilima Cooper (Customer Service): Should provide information (address and phone numbers etc) about the other companies when they are asked for.

Lewin Lloyd (Mutual benefits): Informing each other about fraud that can be potentially harmful to any company.

Keveronique Clark (Scope of Improvement): Advising the other corporate houses about the areas of improvement when they get identified.